Cooking Classes

WEA Classes

Enrol in WEA classes to learn how to cook Indian style fresh food. Dishes include lentils, rice dishes, chapatis, mixed vegetable curry, Kofta curry, Samosa, naan bread and more.

Special needs cooking classes

Cooking for Vegans, Lacto- vegans, people with allergies to milk, wheat, rice, peanuts or any other food, people with heart problems and people who want to lose weight.

Gluten free cooking classes

Learn to cook endless varieties of gluten free food at an affordable price.Some examples of gluten free recipes are -- Different types of pancakes, elevator shoes Rice dishes, cooking with different types of grains, patties, curries, desserts......and many more.

Regular classes are conducted on weekdays and weekends in a small group for detailed and personalised attention. For details about the classes please contact Pramila on 0407265894